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The Global Basic Income Foundation was founded in 2000. This website, which is online since September 2004, is the first activity by which we present our goal and ideas to a broader public.

Up till now, relatively few people and organisations are familiar with the concept of a global basic income. Therefore, at this stage our efforts concentrate on spreading the idea and on developing different possibilities for implementation. This website explains what a global basic income is and why we argue for the introduction of a GBI. It also serves to provoke discussion, which in turn will help us to clarify and develop different aspects of a GBI. We don't want to present a GBI as a dogmatic idea or system. A GBI can take different forms and can be implemented and financed in several ways. Through discussion and research we want to explore different possibilities and try to determine which ones are viable.

Although we see a GBI as an open concept, there are at least two basic convictions that we don't want to compromise on: (1) poverty should be and can be eradicated, and (2) it is the responsibility of humanity as a whole to guarantee every human being the means to satisfy basic needs and to live a worthy live. Compassion shouldn't stop at borders and the global economic market can only be regulated adequately through an international framework. The international community must devise a framework of rules, arrangements and institutions that ensures that the outcomes of global competition serve the interests and dignity of all people and that protects nature and our environment.

A global basic income is, in our view, the best way to ensure every human being the means for a humane living. It will also act as a catalyst for other positive changes. However, it is not a universal remedy for all problems and it is not likely that a GBI will be introduced in the near future. Therefore, we support the efforts of other organisations and people to combat poverty, to protect nature, to resolve violent conflicts and to further democracy.



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